Two Years Post Transplant check up

[Feb 9, 2016]

Apologies for not updating sooner… Last week we got the results from Maya’s check up at St. Jude, she continues to do well, her chemistry was perfect! Bone marrow aspirations and biopsy were clear, chimerism of the blood is 100%, marrow chimerism 99-100%… Breath. We are beyond happy and grateful . Thank you everyone for your prayers and good thoughts .. They work!!! ‪#‎hope‬ ‪#‎faith‬ ‪#‎believe‬ 🙏🙏

A photo of maya exactly 5 years ago with her little cousin Lily and another one taken this past weekend

Gracias a todos por sus mensajes y oraciones, los resultados de maya han sido muy buenos. Maya sigue en remisión . Un abrazo ‪#‎fe‬

Maya con su prima Lily hace 5 años y la segunda foto es de este fin de semana

[Jan 28, 2016]

Thank You everyone for your prayers and support.

Maya and kirby made it to Memphis yesterday. They were supposed to arrive on Tuesday night but missed the connecting flight in Chicago due to weather/aircraft issues so with no luggage (they were asked to check in the carry on bag in Toronto) no clothes, no toiletries, and no meds, they slept in Chicago and took the first flight out to Memphis on Wednesday morning, no without being delayed again due to the plane being de-iced .

Maya had appointments starting at 7 am at St Jude, but only got to the hospital at noon. So kudos to Kirby and Maya who took it on stride and went straight from the airport to the hospital with the same clothes they had been wearing the day before (used as pjs as well) and endured a long day of appointments,only to check in to the hotel late in the day. Not to mention that maya had to be NPO for her 7am test which could only be done at noon, which was 1pm Toronto time with a hungry Maya not able to eat a thing.

Also thank you to St. Jude they were very supportive on rescheduling appointments not once but twice as their arrival time kept changing.

This is late at night. kirby and Maya exhausted after a very long day‪#‎facetime‬ . Today Maya starts appointments at 7am. She will be sedated for bone marrow aspirations and biopsies. Thank you for your prayers

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