604 days and counting

It’s been a while since we’ve posted on our own website. Can you believe it? our domain name expired. Duuuh? Mia Culpa. We’ve been posting on facebook, as it provides us with the social medium, which a static website does not. But having said this, we are not oblivious to the fact that our website has grown into something of an epic journal, an archetypal journey through cancer and life.

The last treatment that Maya received was in January, 2014, at St. Jude. We are almost 2 years post treatment. So far, Maya is well. And we are well. Slowly, we are returning to our “new” normal as well. In terms of Maya’s health, yes, there are the impact of the “chemo fallout”. Imagine post world war II, London; There were a lot of damage, of which some will always be there. IE, Maya’s lung damage.

Maya started school. She was beeming with joy. And already, Maya has been noticed by both her mates as well as her teachers. What wonderful bunch they are! Of course, everyone at her school knows who Maya is. It didn’t take long for the new teachers to already notice her. For example, teachers noticed that Maya is overjoyous to be at school. “What? Trust me. It’s great to be able to come to school!” Or she’s been heard saying, “My dad says, you can never give up. You have to always try and try and try.” Some things are rubbing off. Could not be more proud!

We haven’t been to sick kids in over a month. The time we’ve had away from the hospital has been good for everyone. The luxury of simple worries of day to day events quickly fill the hours of our days. It’s a blissful anticlimax.

In the mean time, Maya is enjoying her life. Both Indira and I are ecstatic about that. She’s had a very busy summer, with trips to Florida, camp for a couple of weeks and swiming with salmon in Vancouver Island. Although there are much we would rather forget in our past, one thing that we will never forget is the preciousness of life.

So, we do the best we can to appreciate and give thanks. We give thanks by living the best way we know how. And with that, our next trip will be to swim with the whales, somewhere. That’s up to me to figure out.

And in the mean time, it’s September, pediatric cancer month. Please help if you can. It’s really really hard dealing with cancer. However, when it comes in the form of pediatric cancer, it’s doubly difficult. So, please donate, run, spread the word or just send a note of encouragement. We can all use a bit of compassion. Children with cancer and their families could use your support, as we found out.