James Fund Retreat

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[Oct 1] Update

Here are the photos from the James Fund retreat.  I’ve enabled commenting, so please provide comments, if you would.  For those who object to having some of these photos up, please let me know and I will remove them immediately.  Thanks.


This past weekend, Maya, Indira and I attended the neuroblastoma family retreat hosted by James Fund at camp ooch. Camp ooch is found north of bracebridge, in beautiful Muskokas.

The weekend started out being wet and we were not so sure if we should attend.  The weekend turned out to be extraordinary and we were very happy to have spent the weekend with other neuroblastoma families.

We felt immediately relaxed with our environment there. We were welcomed and fell right in step with our surrounding and the open environment.  Maya especially fell right in and within minutes, she was playing with other neurloblatoma children.  We seldom had to worry about Maya as she was participating in a lot of activities with other children overseen by wonderful volunteers. They were rambunctious.  Maya made a new friend Breanna and the two carried on and on… and on… and on.  They were joined at the hip.

The weekend gave an opportunity for Indira to spend some “adult time” with other families, and especially neuroblastoma moms.  The weekend gave me an opportunity to talk to other families about their challenges and how I could possibly help.  Becoming active is not a foreign subject matter for people who find themselves in similar situations as us.

Everyone there understands!  We were all ordinary folks caught up in an extraordinary circumstances.  We laughed and joked with each other.  There were even few tears as well.  They all understand.  We understand.

We came back tired, but energized to have attended this extraordinary event.  Syd and Diana, thank you very much for doing what you do!  We are enriched by your tireless efforts. The Kim family supports James Fund.

I will post pictures in the next 24 hours or so.

Eric, a neuroblatoma dad sang the popular “If I had a million dollars” by “Bare Naked Ladies” on his guitar and ended the song by adding, “I’d give it to neuroblastoma research”.

I think Eric’s sentiment is heart felt for all of us neuroblastoma families.

Thank you attendees.

God Forgot about me

Because I am still sick, are not the words that you ever want to hear from your child.  Nor do you want to hear the words, I want my hearing the way it was before, because she has to wear the hearing aides to school.

These words come to us as a surprise and catches us off guard.  It’s a hell of a thing…  While we do our best to put on a brave face and try to do our best, this is a serious business we face.

The summer has been great.  Now that Maya is in school, out from the cloistered environment of our home, suddenly these issues have popped up.

And today, it’s not so good.  It will pass.